A Generative Framework for Zero-Shot Learning with Adversarial Domain Adaptation


In this paper, we present a domain adaptation based generative framework for Zero-Shot Learning. We explicitly target the problem of domain shift between the seen and unseen class distribution in Zero-Shot Learning (ZSL) and seek to minimize it by developing a generative model and training it via adversarial domain adaptation. Our approach is based on end-to-end learning of the class distributions of seen classes and unseen classes. To enable the model to learn the class distributions of unseen classes, we parameterize these class distributions in terms of the class attribute information (which is available for both seen and unseen classes). This provides a very simple way to learn the class distribution of any unseen class, given only its class attribute information, and no labeled training data. Training this model with adversarial domain adaptation provides robustness against the distribution mismatch between the data from seen and unseen classes. Through a comprehensive set of experiments, we show that our model yields superior accuracies as compared to various state-of-the-art ZSL models, on a variety of benchmark datasets.

WACV 2020